Steampunk-Corsage Vollbrust "Therese"

Steampunk-Corsage Vollbrust "Therese"

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Unsere Corsage:

  • Rotes Brokat Steampunk Überbrustkorsett
  • 8 Spiralstahlstäbchen, 6 Flachstahlstäbchen
  • Vordere Länge: 35,5 cm
  • Seitenlänge: 33,65 cm
  • Rückenlänge: 34,29 cm
  • Stoff: 100% Polyester Brokat
  • Futter: 100% Baumwolle für extra Komfort
  • Verschluss : verschiede Verschlüsse wählbar
  • Untertritt : 15cm

Our underbust corset forms the perfect hourglass shape and emphasizes the female figure in the most beautiful way, reaching just under the chest. The corsage should be worn with a good, strapless bra, this way, even women with a smaller cup size get a beautiful shaped cleavage. 

To find the correct size, please feel free to use our size chart or contact us if you need any help.

The corset consists of 6 parts on each side and a total of 12 coated and deburred spring steel rods. The closure is made of one single piece with a wide buckle to make it particularly stable. The cotton lining guarantees a comfortable wearing.

Our corset:
• It has a planchette front made of high-quality stainless steel.
• Eylets that do not tear
• Only steel rods
• 4 layers of fabric
• Lacing in the back

To measure your size, measure your natural size of the waist, pull it off 10 cm, and divide the result by 2.54.
Measured waist: 82 cm.
Required Corsage: 72 cm (82 cm - 10 cm)
Corset Size: 28 (72 / 2.54 = 28.35)
Choose the corsage closest to your calculated size.

Outer material: 100% polyester
Lining: 100% cotton