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Einhand LARP Hammer "Vahan"

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This big, brutal hammer can only be carried by strong warriors. Wielded with both hands and a lot of strength, it causes massive damage wherever it hits.

This sledgehammer can be used to remove obstacles, break down walls and doors or to turn your enemies into pudding, depending on what is necessary.

The wooden sledgehammer is a weapon that can be used in medieval or modern LARP, because it is a timeless weapon.

The hammer is made of durable foam and coated with latex. It has a flexible fiberglass core.

Please note:
In order to preserve the weapon as best as possible and to maintain quality for a long time, we recommend the regular use of silicone spray. Please also take care to protect the weapon from long and extreme sunshine or other environmental influences. Soiling can be removed with water.

For your safety
No safety precautions for materials and workmanship can replace the responsible handling of a LARP weapon. Please keep an eye on each other when using the weapons so that no one is injured. 

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Hammerkopfgröße: ca. 9cm x 6cm x 22cm (Höhe, Breite, Länge)
Hammerlänge: ca. 85cm (Hammer inkl. Griff)